Posted By: Alok Bannerjee August 12, Buried in a snugly-woven cocoon of copper and fur, the eerie profile of a 12th century AD female corpse head has surprised archaeologists. Theorized to be a member of a medieval fishing and hunting community in the northern part of Siberia, she is the only known adult female who was interred at the major burial ground corresponding to the Zeleny Yar archaeological site near Salekhard. Now as we mentioned before, this Siberian woman is the first known adult female occupant found inside what was previously thought to be a male-dominated ancient cemetery — comprising dozens of men and children. Researchers also found the remnants of a baby probably female near her grave, though the child is possibly not related to the woman in question. ... Read More
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Download Fact Sheet. It is important to ultimately gaining control over symptoms that wreak havoc in your life, personally and professionally. Finding a clinician that is especially familiar with ADHD is key to a good diagnosis. Seeking out hospital and University Centers, gaining referrals from your doctor, or getting suggestions from support group members are all ways to start your search. Don't be discouraged if you have to look outside your home town to find someone that meets these qualifications. ... Read More
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Collect your online responses with JotForm and turn them into professional, elegant PDFs automatically. This is given to a woman who gets positive feedback on pregnancy tests. This document also serves as proof that a woman is pregnant which can be used for medical examination, filing a maternity leave, and claiming health insurance. The pregnancy details show the estimated date of conception, last menstrual period, estimated delivery date, age of gestation, and the number of fetuses. This template also specifies if the mother has a medical condition, illnesses, and allergies. ... Read More
Enemas are used to help clean the colon. The enema allows a solution to enter the colon via the rectum to assist in cleaning stool out of the colon and keeping the child free of accidents for 24 hours. Before administering the enema, instruction will be provided by the Colorectal Center team. The team will also provide you with the ingredients that are to be used in the enema solution. Explore this Section. ... Read More
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Traumatic injuries, mental health, and communicable diseases are common in this setting and the nurse is often sought to stabilize the prisoner until they can be transferred. Managing chronic conditions and medication administration is another key aspect of the role. To be considered as a good candidate for a correctional nursing position, it's important to make sure your credentials and experience are in order. After all, this isn't the easiest nursing assignment on the roster. Generally, an individual will have to have considerable experience as well as specialized correctional training in order to be deemed competitive. ... Read More
It's when a mature egg is released from your ovary due to certain hormonal changes and begins making its way to your uterus through a uterine tube, where it may be fertilized by a sperm. Typically, ovulation happens about 14 days before the start of your next period, which is the middle of your overall day cycle. It usually depends on the length of the follicular phase, which normally ranges from 10 to 16 days. As the length of the luteal phase is constant, the phase lasts for about 14 days. Ovulation is only considered late if it occurs after day ... Read More
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It may not be easy to feel a lump, so screening mammography is the best method of detection. However,as the cancer grows, obvious changes in the breast may appear, and these need to be checked by your doctor:. Always be alert for new lumps or thickened tissue, changes in nipple or breast shape or size, and unusual pain which won't go away. If you notice any of the following breast changes, it is very important that you show your doctor. Learn how to do this here: TLC. ... Read More
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