The following medical management programs will apply to UMP members effective January 1, except as noted below. Note: HTCC decisions will be incorporated, as appropriate. Sleep Medicine: Services subject to the program's pre-authorization requirements. Physical, speech and occupational therapy services subject to the program's pre-authorization requirement. Note: The effective date of this program is March 1, ... Read More
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Clinical supervision is in an excellent position to support these activities but opportunities are in danger of being squeezed out by regulatory and managerial demands. Doctors who have completed their training are responsible for complex professional judgements for which narrative supervision is particularly helpful. With reference to the literature and my own practice I propose that all practicing clinicians should have regular clinical supervision. Clinical supervision has patient-safety and the quality of patient care as its primary purposes. After training is completed, doctors may practice for the rest of their career without any clinical supervision, the implication being that the difficulties dealt with in clinical supervision are no longer difficulties, or are better dealt with some other way. ... Read More
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